In what file format should I submit my print project files?

We prefer files to be in PDF format with all fonts, graphics and images embedded in the file.

What is addressed Admail and when should I use it?

Addressed admail is a more direct approach to reach your existing or new customers. With addressed admail, you are able to personalize the piece with the recipient’s name and address information. Addressed admail is done by using a data base to send your marketing materials to specifically targeted areas. You are able to select the specific Postal Codes in which your mail piece will be delivered to. Typically these pieces are placed in an addressed envelope to entice the reader to open.

Please visit our office to discuss how we can make Direct Mail Marketing stress free for you and your business.

What is un-addressed Admail and when should I use it?

Unaddressed admail is a marketing strategy that many business’ use to obtain the largest reach of their target audience. Unaddressed admail can be sent to homes, apartments, businesses and farms through Canada Post. Each piece of mail will promote your business’ services and offerings without personalization to your clients. If you are interested in spreading the word of your business in small or large quantities, unaddressed admail is an effective advertising option.

Once your mail piece is designed and printed, we will take care of the rest! We will deliver your piece to Canada Post and your audience will begin seeing your piece within two to three business days of it being sent to the post office.

How can I set up a meeting with a Sales Representative?

Give us a call at 306-244-3988 and we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you. Our experienced Sales Representatives can help you create unique and effective print materials for both your personal and/or corporate printing needs.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac, your company cheque and of course…cash.

What is the minimum quantity for an order?

There is no minimum quantity! We will print any quantity to meet your project requirements.

What is pre-press?

Pre-press is where all of your files go before we send them to print. Our pre-press staff will ensure that all necessary components of a file are correct to produce the job (such as fonts, images, graphics and page bleeds).