Digital Printing


Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing from digital files directly onto a substrate utilizing a variety of specialized printing technologies created for specific client or market needs. The digital printers we utilize at Fastprint utilize toner based pigments to create high quality black or full colour images on a wide variety substrates (paper stocks). We also utilize high resolution Ink Jet technology for high speed proofing and large format printing.

Taking advantage of a digital workflow, customers will benefit from simplified processes, reduced lead times, less waste, greater flexibility and cost savings depending upon job configuration and run quantity.

Digital printing has numerous advantages, here are just a few:

  • Simplified setup (make ready) process
  • Consistent quality start to finish with fewer variables to manage during production run
  • Proof can be exact replica of final printed product
  • Automatic collation of pages
  • Multiple paper trays allow for multiple stock options within one job
  • Printed jobs can be processed immediately
  • Variable data printing is possible (pages automatically customized on the fly)
  • Jobs can be stored with their setup information for simple recall/rerun
  • Reduce inventory by printing shorter runs more often (print what is required now, on demand)
  • Allows for content changes prior to the next run (no inventory to use up)
  • Reduced waste as few sheets are required for setup and run
  • Digital jobs with can be queued to run one after the other uninterrupted
  • Can be used with offset printing to produce unique Hybrid print projects

Today, many customers utilize digital printing as part of their strategy to simplify processes, reduce waste and save money.
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