Offset Printing



Offset printing is the process of printing that transfers (offsets) ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and then to the paper substrate. Offset printing is ideal for longer runs of static information and has numerous advantages not available in other printing processes depending on job configuration and run quantity.

Since the setup (make ready) for an offset printed job requires multiple steps it is more costly to setup than it is for digital printing. Since the setup costs are amortized over the length of the run, the longer the run, the lower the unit cost will be.

Offset printing is well suited when longer run lengths are required or when unique inks or coatings are part of the job requirements. To create a project that is both unique and memorable, clients may choose to integrate custom inks and coatings such as metallic ink, fluorescents, custom spot colours and coatings such as matte and gloss varnishes.

Another advantage of offset printing is the wide variety of printable substrates on which your project can be printed. From light weight paper stocks to heavier weight card stocks to synthetics and textured stocks, offset printing is capable of printing on a broad range of materials giving your design team the latitude required to create a stand-out project.

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